17 January 2011

What the future holds.........

Earlier today I received a letter from the Department of Communities and Local Government in response to a letter I wrote to the Minister, Mr Eric Pickles, back in October of 2010. I was seeking clarification of exactly who has jurisdiction over Town and Parish Councils and, after a page and a half of flim-flam, the answer is, 'No-one'. What a surprise.

So, the Localism Bill will sweep away the Audit Commission and the Standards Board and replace them with precisely nothing at all. It seems that we can rely on 'codes of conduct' to regulate our Town and Parish Councils and we know how effective they were in Somerton. It seems that Dave 'Big Society' Cameron has already forgotten just how deep our MPs had their snouts in our pockets and he and the rest of the ConDems are busily chewing the magic mushrooms and convincing themselves that everything will be fine, as long as we shut our eyes or look the other way.

Someone once said that you get the government that you deserve. If that is so then we can't desrve very much at all.