15 September 2010

Yes/No or mainly maybe?

I get some pretty weird comments and emails and one recent and better written, apart from holding me responsible for the Holocaust, Hurricane Katrina and the ConDem government, proposed that I had written M&B "for fun". Obviously the author of this missive has run their bearingsor blown a gasket but it did make me think, why did I get involved in the first place?

When I look back to where it started, in November of 2006, I attended a meeting where the 'Community Hall' was under discussion. It was clear from the tenor of the debate that those members of the Town Council in attendence, simply didn't want the wider community involved in the project and I found that somewhat at odds with my own understanding of what a 'Town Council' should be about. Then there was the issue of 'competitive tendering' where it was clearly stated that there would be none and that the awful Canvin would be 'doing the business'.

Even before that meeting, I had opposed a planning application from then Cllr Gardiner and had been roundly abused by Paddy the Poodle who went as far as stating that I was forging documents.

Since that time I have seen other members of the public and councillors bullied and hectored when they had the temerity to question the actions of the late and little lamented Keenan/Canvin administration.

And the thread that holds these experiences is that of abuse: abouse of power, abuse of position and, more basically, abuse of others.