11 July 2010

Another broken window.......

A few weeks back, 2nd June to be precise, I had another reminder that Somerton isn't the quiet, well behaved place that we read about in magazines. Around 11:00pm some of my fans arrived outside and indulged in what they do best - a little intimidation. This time it was air-pistols or sling-shots and they managed to smash one of the upstairs windows before driving off into the night, no doubt pleased with a job well done.

So what did this achieve? Precious little. It certainly isn't likely to discourage me from carrying on with my legitimate enquiries into the affairs of the old Somerton Town Council. And it won't stop me from commenting on the affairs of the old Somerton Town Council here, on Muck&Brass.

What it did achieve was to offer me further proof that the questions that I've asked make some people very uncomfortable. But what continues to confuse me is that I have only asked questions in public which many Somertonians have been asking privately for years. So what's the problem?

Till next time, I'm still Niall Connolly