14 May 2010

Looking back at Michael Crick........

I took a moment, last evening, to revisit the Newsnight piece done by Michael Crick in the aftermath of the 'resignation of the sheep' and something struck me as both sad and funny.

Michael Crick directed a question at Mr A H Canvin (the one in the black shirt and bouncer shades) where Crick referred to my own regular comments about conflicts between Mr Canvin's business interests and his position as an (ex) Councillor. The Pied Piper's response was (and I quote), "What business interests?". See it for yourself here around 1:48 into the piece.

Now, forgive me for saying it but when Canvin uttered those words he was standing outside the Tin Dunny which is located on land that he sold to Edgar Builders. Not only that, he was standing on land owned by Somerton Town Council but influenced by a restrictive covenant which he had inserted into the title before the land was sold to Edgars. Furthermore, both the BBC crew and the sheep had driven to the Tin Dunny over roads owned by Canvin. And still the man can say, on national tv, "What business interests?".

But there is another aspect to Canvin's curiously selective approach to reality. At the time that he uttered the immortal words, "What business interests?", the Register of Member's Interests at SSDC was blank for District Councillor A H Canvin. It wasn't until 8th February 2010 that District Councillor A H Canvin 'corrected' his entry and declared interests at Badger's Cross, Langport Road and Bancombe Road.

Methinks the maiden was protesting too much.

Till next time, I'm Niall Connolly