9 March 2010

Running with the hare...........

Earlier this year I published a couple of extracts from a letter which turned up in the records of Somerton Town Council. This was a critical essay about the activities of the Town Council and it was written, in 2005, by then Cllr Nancy Langmaid. In the essay it is clear that this Cllr wanted to have their cake and eat it in that the Cllr wanted to make the comments but wanted them to be kept 'confidential' and away from the public.

However, what this four page essay does show, at the very least, is that at least one councillor was thinking about the way that Somerton Town Council was being run. The question that this raises for me is why they didn't have the guts to stand up and be counted. Equally, did any other councillors have reservations? David Harrison claims to have harboured similar reservations but failed to act on them or, if he did, there is, as yet, no evidence of such action.

You can read the entire text of Cllr Langmaid's letter below and make your own mind up about the culture of Somerton Town Council under the Keenan/Canvin administration as described by this particular 'insider'.