19 February 2010

Forward Planning

The continuing planning interest around Badger's Cross caused me to consider what the future for Badger's Cross could look like were it to be seen as a Bancombe Road Mk2. The image below shows the outline of the current Bancombe Road Industrial Estate (marked in RED) superimposed on an aerial view of Badgers Cross. The YELLOW outline shows land currently in play as areas for development.

Obviously there is plenty of space available in the immediate vicinity to accomodate further expansion and it also shows just how big an area such a development would take up. As with the Bancombe Road Estate, there would be a need to widen the roads which would be required to service such a site and this in itself would have a huge impact on local amenity.

Many large developments are achieved in smaller bites and the real impact of such developments is only seen, as in the case of Bancombe, when the development is years down the road from its inception. This is the best reason for Somerton to undertake a serious review of the local plan in order to establish where, on the outskirts of the Town, future development might be expected.

Looking at this view of Badger's Cross, a recycling centre would only be the first and very small step.

Till next time, I am Niall Connolly