2 January 2010

A very different hall..........

Yesterday I was driving up the M5 when I caught sight of a rather interesting building which turns out to be the recently completed Eastington Community Hall. A very brief visit illustrated what can be achieved when a community is given the chance to work towards 'community objectives'. The Eastington Hall is everything that the Tin Dunny is not: heavily insulated; has grey water recycling; photovoltaics; solar capture etc etc etc. It is a beacon building which makes the Tin Dunny look exactly like the shabby industrial box that it always will be. Have a look at the website for the Eastington Community and see what Somerton was denied.

Whilst on the subject of the Tin Dunny, I was amused to read candidate Vic Medley's balance sheet on how much the Tin Dunny has cost. He's obviously very much a part of the old guard Canvinite Council and gullible to boot. As good a reason as I can imagine for keeping him as far away as possible from the finances of Somerton Town Council.

Remember, we're in the countdown to the election. Speak to all your friends and make sure that everyone who can possibly vote, does vote. Vote for change and, whatever you do, don't vote for anyone who has a track-record of failure. In this regard I need to single out candidates Langmaid, Clarke and Raybould. These candidates, more than any others, did nothing to protect the democratic process within Somerton Town Council.