12 December 2009

Trust and politics. Mutually exclusive?

This morning a real letter dropped through my letterbox from our local MP, David Heath. Its an interesting letter and it shows, quite clearly, that David, like many other politicians, isn't listening. The message that comes across so loudly from every corner of this country is that the electorate do not feel represented yet our MP's still want us to tell them what to do. Maybe they think that writing a letter like this one (see below) will convince us that they are really listening. But what good is listening if they go off and do what they want to do irrespective of the views of the electorate?

David Heath is a pretty average MP and I'm not singling him out for specific criticism but his letter illustrates the problem that we face. At the end of the day our politicians want to see our views and needs through the lens of their agenda. Until that changes then nothing will change. The politicians are, in fact, the problem.

Till next time.