30 December 2009

Somerton Town Council in breach of Freedom of Information Legislation - Yes, really.

A rather extensive letter from the Office of The Information Commissioner awaited my return home yesterday. Dated 17th December 2009, it is a 'Decision Notice' where the Commissioner has found against Somerton Town Council in the matter of Freedom of Information requests made of the Council going back to May of 2009. Its a reasonably comprehensive finding and leaves little doubt that Somerton Town Council is in breach of the FoI legislation.

Obviously the matter may not stop here as I'm quite sure that our Town Clerk, Roger 'the dodger' Calderwood, along with the rump of the Canvinite Council, Messers Neale and Harrison, may still seek to blow more taxpayer's money taking more legal opinions about how to obstruct the law. But, there again, it isn't their money - its the good old taxpayers so why should they worry?

This one may well run and run but, sadly, Somerton Town Council won't be able to be the first Town Council to receive a 'criminal caution' over such a matter - that honour goes to Cardinham Parish Council. But maybe Somerton Town Council could be the second.

Tick - tock.