7 December 2009

Candidates list.

Candidates for the current vacancies on Somerton's Town Council are:

AUSTIN, Paul Anthony - 44 Parklands Way, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6JG
BANKS, Ashley Victor - Ash Trees, Northfield, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6SL
BOTTOMLEY, Steven - Hunters Lodge, Catsgore, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7HX
BROOM, Shane - 27 St Cleers Way, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6QZ - New Person, Fresh Ideas, Better Future
CHAMBERS, Margaret Ruth - 6 May Pole Knap, Somerton, TA11 6HR - Working With The Whole Community
CLARKE, Pauline - 55 Pinewood, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6JR
COOK, Jane - 3 Badgers Cross Lane, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7JB
Davies, Barrie Thomas - 5 Lawrence Close, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6TG
FRASER-HOPEWELL, Michael George - The School House, West End, Somerton, TA11 6RW - A Vote For Common Sense
GOESSEN, Gerard - Withdrawn
HOGHTON, Alison Margaret - Keepers Cottage, Midney, Somerton, TA11 7HR
HURLEY, Judith - Riverside, Pesters Lane, Somerton, TA11 7AB
JOTCHAM, Tony - Sanantone, Cedar Grove, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6LJ
LANGMAID, Nancy Georgina - 32 Highfield Way, Somerton, TA11 6SQ
MEDLEY, Vic - Five Farthings, 7 Behind Berry, Somerton, Somerset - Professional Accountant
MILDON, Sam - 12 St Cleers Orchard, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6QT
RAYBOULD, Brian Walter - 17 Waverley, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6SH
SPEARMAN, Peter John - 17 Ivyleaf Road, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6RP
STANDEN, Sue - 2 King Ina Road, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6JX
THOMAS, Phil - Lingmell, 5 Forge Corner, West End, Somerton, TA11 6RW - Helping Local People Work Together
WATTS, John - Wren Cottage, Vicarage Lane, Somerton, TA11 7NQ

This information is as provided by South Somerset District Council.
If there are any inaccuracies, please contact muckandbrass@googlemail.com immediately.