15 November 2009

Somerton Local Authority

Its been very interesting to start to get an idea of the amount of kit that Somerton Town Council owns. Rather than write out a boring list, I've done some picture research and the image below is as close as I can get to a representation of the equipment.

Taken altogether, it looks as if Somerton Town Council has enough kit to run a mini-local authority especially the two-of-this and two-of-that aspect. Is the Transit Van in the livery of the Town Council? Where does it live, along with the trailer that evidently the Town Council owns, obviously to cart the various ride-on mowers to whatever contracts the Town Council is fulfilling. There is also a good selection of hand tools so there is obviously no job too big or too small for the boys from Somerton Local Authority, whoever they may be.

Is all of this kit stored in the two containers that reside up at the Dunny or is it out on loan? Has the good old taxpayer been funding a job-creation scheme?

The usual £5 to the first person to report the whereabouts of the Transit Van, V885EBJ, and the Hayter Mower, R513VRA.

Regards to all you taxpayers who are funding this.


PS Who do I call to get my hedges trimmed?

PPS Just remembered that I had a photo of the kit used in Dinder to keep the cricket pitch in shape.