12 October 2009

Its that damn badger again.

M&B has received a number of emails regarding a 'new' planning application which seeks permission for an amenity site out at Badger's Cross. This development will effect everyone in Somerton and has been rumoured for over a year yet it has not been discussed by Somerton Town Council and it is fair to ask, 'Why not?'.

Well M&B can think of a number of reasons - the Town Council is comatose - the Town Council don't want to rock the boat - the Town Council don't know that they should put the interests of the community first. M&B could go on and on and on but you'll already understand the point.

This application comes from none other than 'Mr Somerton' himself, Tony Canvin (aka Cllr Canvin) and that explains why Somerton Town Council won't give this application the fullest airing possible. Compare the Council's inaction in this case to its outrage over the Millands application. Tells you something, doesn't it.

Tiny Tony has decided to start 'Bancombe Mk2' at Badgers Cross and this is the first step along that road. Get the amenity site moved out there and that will get people familiar with his landholding and then he can start to build the infrastructure to develop it as another industrial site.

Its also worth considering that an amenity site at Badger's Cross would be well positioned to serve any possible residential developments around the old Radio Station. It would be very informative were someone to find out who owns land in that location and that might add to the picture around this proposed amenity site.

So, Tony Canvin has a major investment in getting permission for an amenity site at Bagder's Cross and, given his influence at Bancombe, it is easy to see that the Bancombe amenity site may find it necessary to relocate.

Now, consider the fact that an amenity site is used, one way or another, by almost everyone in Somerton which makes the location something of significance to the town. That being the case, you'd have expected the Town Council to raise the issue the moment it was even rumoured (at least 1 year ago). But not this bunch of utter deadbeats. To describe them as being 'asleep at the wheel' doesn't get to the nub of it. I can see the Town Council lining up for the usual round of fawning sycophancy. "Oh Tony, you're so manly.' 'Oh Tony, please let me ride in your helicopter.' 'Oh Tony, here's my vote.'

When is Somerton going to wake up and put an end to the 'conflicts of interest' that underpin almost everything that this Town Coucil does?

Oh, almost as an afterthought, this clip is on YouTube. Check out the model around second 06:00. Boon Brown seem to do their research in the same place.

Till next time, remember to sort your rubbish.