18 September 2009


Earlier this morning I had a look at the Martock on Line website and was very impressed with what I found there. Apart from a very good range of information about Martock, there were the Council Minutes and they themselves make very interesting reading. The Minutes are very professional and to the point, unlike the Minutes of Somerton Town Council which are a complete shambles in comparison. Attatched to the Minutes for 29th July were a group of documents which Somerton Town Council would be well advised to review. The list of documents are as follows:

2008 - 2009 Accounts
Received and Payments
Income and Expenditure year ended March 2009
Balance sheet
Supporting notes

Now, why might you ask, are these documents interesting? Well its because these are exactly the same documents that I have requested from Somerton Town Council and which Somerton Town Council have refused to disclose. This refusal has led to Freedom of Information requests which, at present, Somerton Town Council are obstructing.

But here are exactly the same documents available for all the public to see (because they are public documents) on Martock Parish Council's website. So why is Somerton Town Council so secretive about their finances?

Till next time, may your God watch over you.