10 August 2009

What's in a name (Pt2)?

During my work collating information for the External Auditor I came across some interesting paperwork and some of it relates to the naming (and shaming) of the Tin Dunny.

The proposal to name the Dunny after Chris Edgar, someone relatively unknown to most people in Somerton other than Tony Canvin, the proposal was floated at the Town Council meeting on 14th April 2009. As ever, the item wasn't noted on the Agenda and was sprung on the meeting by the Chair. The list of possible names was never published, probably because there was only one name on the list, and the decision to name the hall after Chris Edgar was railroaded through by Bully&Sidekick.

But the Town Council's records tell a rather different story about the genesis of the name 'Edgar Hall'. Whilst going through the few records that Somerton Town Council have actually made available, a number of invoices turned up, all dating back to November and December of 2008. Now, remember, this was 5 months before the name 'Edgar Hall' was imposed upon the Town Council and the community by Bully&Sidekick.

One invoice from L&W Ceilings, dated 2nd November 2008 refers to work at "Edgar Hall (New Council Offices)" and another, from Encore Electrical dated 11th November 2008, is addressed to "Somerton Town Council, Edgar Hall..........". Finally, on 12th December 2008, invoices from A H Canvin refer to works "at Edgar Hall".

So there you have it, the contractors being paid by Somerton Town Council were referring to the Tin Dunny as 'Edgar Hall' five months before Messers Bully&Sidekick imposed the name on the community.

Democracy in action, Somerton Town Council style.

Till next time, may your emergency glaziers go with you.