23 July 2009

That's not a campervan.......

A few days ago I was walking along Parsonage Hill and noticed a huge truck which looked very like the kit that Wessex Water uses. The immediate thought was that there must be something wrong with the drains but this wasn't the case. On closer inspection, the vehicle turned out to be a campervan but one like I've never seen before.

The owners of this device are Clive and Anne who have just returned from their first outing in this vehicle, a warm-up journey through Egypt and Libya. They stopped off in Somerton to meet up with friends and we were lucky enough to be invited round to see some photographs of their travels. You've probably done the same sort of thing and been entertained with photos of so and so in front of the Eiffel Tower, sitting in a restaurant, waving from a tramcar etc etc etc. Well, this was nothing like that and the story of their journeys was absolutely riveting.

Clive and Anne are not what you'd call 'ordinary motorhomers'. Their idea of fun is a 9 month trek from the UK to China and back. They travel in the company of other like-minded adventurers and the story of their journeys can be found here. Pay particular attention to the chapter 2002-10-20 titled 'More Photographs (October 2002)' and have a look at the 'China 2002' route map. Quite amazing.

Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman have done a couple of TV series chronicling their motorcycle journeys and they had a ton of help - back-up trucks and 4drives plus a London based control center to hustle on their behalf via satellite phones. In comparison, Clive and Anne, and their fellow adventurers, followed some of the same terrain but about 6 weeks after Ewan and Charlie. The big difference was that Clive and Anne and Co were, generally, on their own. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.