17 December 2008

Stop press ............. breaking news

The Chair of Somerton's Town Council announced this evening that Somerton Town Council, in their infinite wisdom, and after months of exceptionally hard work, have decided to leave the level of Precept unchanged for Fiscal 2008/09. Wooh-Hooh! Hallelujah! Its a miracle! Fireworks exploded over the Parish Rooms. There was dancing in the street. Sworn enemies became friends. It was truly a night to remember.

But wait a minute, isn't Somerton's Precept already 4 times higher than the average of that charged by South Somerset District's 121 Town Councils? So in these times of recession, shouldn't Somerton be working to bring their budget more into line with those of other South Somerset District Councils. How about a cut of 75%? Now that would get my attention.

But to end on a more lyrical note, here is a view out across the Levels near Muchelney made late on Monday.

Goodnight and may your god go with you.

Till next time.