28 November 2008

Liar Liar, pants on fire.

The Minutes of Somerton Town Council are not, by any stretch of the imagination, what could reasonably be called a measured and balanced reflection of its considerations and activities. When you read them you would imagine that the Town Council is a haven of peace and tranquility. Furthermore, you get the impression that everything that the Council does is blessed with perfection, an impression heightened by the self-congratulatory tone set by Cllr This thanking Cllr That for their sterling efforts. All in all, a sickening display of brown-nosing sycophancy, but I digress, I was talking about the Minutes. Every now and again a little nugget of something approaching the truth slips through Somerton Town Council's 'reality filter' and so it was on 10th January 2006.

The Minutes for that meeting of the Council quote the self-appointed 'scourge of bureaucracy', none other than our very own Cllr Tony 'Whirly-bird' Canvin as counseling caution with regard to expenditure on any proposed Community Hall. Cllr Tony is quoted in the Minutes as follows, ".........Cllr Canvin noting that a Hall would cost some £500-600,000 to build, apart from the present debt (mortgage) on the site of some £250,000."

So, guided by Professor Canvin's statement, it seems that on 10th January 2006, Somerton Town Council (funded by the taxpayers of Somerton) were in debt to the tune of £250,000 and that debt was the borrowings and repayments incurred by the purchase of the Etsome Terrace site. With me so far?

The clock then flies forward to 23rd September 2008 when Somerton Town Council issue a 'Press Release' where they trumpet the sale of the Etsome Terrace site (thanks to so-and-so blah de blah de blah) and go on to announce the successful purchase of Tammany Hall. At this point the Council obviously starts to take copious amounts of drugs and alcohol or maybe they are just arithmetically challenged because nowhere is there any balance sheet for these "totally separate set of negotiations" (who are they kidding?).

The £250,000 debt referred to on 10th january 2006 by our very own 'scourge of bureaucracy' has magically disappeared. This magic disappearance is also noted in the pages of 'The Viaduct' which repeats the fantasy 'Press Release' almost verbatim.

So, was the debt paid off or has it just been buried by an accountant's wrist action? Only time will tell but, if I am ever honoured with a reply to my letters, maybe at some point Somerton's Town Council will actually start telling the truth about these transactions. Because, afterall, it isn't their money, its the taxpayer and rate-payer's money but when did any politician let a little matter like that get in the way of their self-interest?

Till next time.